Congress of the Bitola Revolutionary District

The decision for an uprising in the Bitola Revolutionary District was voted at the District Congress held in the village of Smilevo, Bitola region from May 2 to 7, 1903 under the presidency of Dame Gruev, who was authorized by the Central Committee in Salonika to represent him at the Congress. In connection with the decision on the uprising at the Congress, a Headquarters (HQ) was elected, consisting of three equal members: Dame Gruev, Boris Sarafov and Anastas Lozanchev and three of their deputies. The HQ was in charge of determining the date of the uprising in the Bitola Revolutionary District, managing the preparations for the uprising and the uprising itself. For the successful implementation of the uprising, the Congress made a decision to divide the Bitola revolutionary district into 10 revolutionary regions: Bitola (Monastir), Florina, Kastoria, Prespa, Resen, Ohrid, Kichevo, Demirhisar, Krushevo and Prilep region. For each region, an Insurgent Headquarters of 3 to 5 members was elected. Regarding the strategy and way of conducting the uprising, it was decided that it would have a “partisan character” with a simultaneous uprising of all the armed forces. It was decided that on the day of the uprising, the troops would cut road, telegraph and postal connections, disarm the Turkish population, attack state buildings and Ottoman armed units, but it was forbidden to attack the peaceful Turkish population and so on. In the end, the Insurgent Disciplinary Constitution was adopted, which regulated the rights, duties and responsibilities for all participants in the uprising, starting from the ordinary insurgents, up to the highest governing body – the Headquarters. According to the decision of the Congress, the Headquarters determined the date for the beginning of the uprising in the Bitola District to be on August 2, 1903, on the Orthodox religious holiday of St. Ilia (St. Elijah day), from where the name Ilinden Uprising later came.

Село Смилево, Битолско
The village of Smilevo, Bitola region
Членовите на Главниот штаб на Битолскиот револуционерен округ: Дамјан Груев (1871 - 1906), Анастас Лозанчев (1870 - 1945), Борис Сарафов (1872 - 1907)
The members of the Headquarters of the Bitola Revolutionary District: Damjan Gruev (1871-1906), Anastas Lozanchev (1870-1945), Boris Sarafov (1872-1907)


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