Decision for a general uprising

The general congress of the Secret Macedonian-Adrianople Revolutionary Organization (SMARO), which was held in Salonika between January 2 and 4, 1903, opened a new page in the history of the Macedonian people. Under the influence of the consequences of the supremacist provocations with the so-called Gorna Dzumaja “uprising” and Jankov’s “insurgent” provocation in Southwestern Macedonia from 1902 as well as the threats of a new forced uprising, then the large number of affairs that caused the discovery and imprisonment of prominent members of the Organization, among them members of the Central Committee (CC), as well as due to the agility of diplomacy regarding the issue of reforms in Macedonia, at the end of 1902 the question of an uprising in Macedonia was raised.
The mentioned question was raised and resolved at the Salonika Congress of the Organization, where after a long discussion among the present delegates, a decision was passed for a general uprising in Macedonia in 1903, without specifying the date for its beginning. The final preparations and the determination of the exact date of the beginning of the uprising were to be carried out by the district committees. They had the task of convening their own congresses, at which once again they would discuss the question of an uprising and the measures that should be taken for its realization.
The significance of the Salonika Congress is that it raised and traced the crucial question of a general uprising that was embedded in the first legal acts of the Organization. Of course, the question of how it responded to its historical task is completely different, that is, how the Congress assessed the historical weight of the maturity of the conditions for success, the degree of readiness, the internal political situation and the suitability of the international climate, or rather, how correctly the time and the way for the realization of a “general – strategic uprising” was indetified.

Егзархиската машка гимназија „Св. Кирил и Методиј“ во Солун каде се одржал Солунскиот конгрес
Exarchate Boys' Gymnasium „Ss. Cyril and Methodius“ in Salonika where the Salonika Congress took place


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