The First Republic on the Balkans


The Ilinden uprising reached its peak in the liberated city of Krushevo, where an insurgent government known as the Krushevo Republic was established. The formation of this first and, for a long time, the only republic in the Balkans, whose ideologist and president was Nikola Karev, was the result of the well-organized and successful execution of the uprising in the Krushevo revolutionary region. The established republic represented the most advanced and progressive among the uprising’s participants, and it appears as an expression of their consciousness, their will and their determination to obtain independence and freedom. The government of the Republic of Krushevo was built on advanced principles, showing the vision and leadership of its founders. Although the Republic of Krushevo lasted for only ten days, it holds a significant place in our history, symbolizing a monumental victory for the revolution and the collective aspirations of the Macedonian people for freedom and the establishment of their own state.


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