Brief history and description

NI Museum of the Macedonian Struggle for Independence was opened on September 8, 2011. It is located in a building with a net area of 6,435 square meters net area, and the exhibition facilities are spread over 2,000 square meters.
The internal organization and work tasks in the museum are carried out in organizational forms through six independent departments and one subsidiary, under the name Porta Macedonia.
The permanent museum exhibition presents historical events and processes from the 19th and 20th centuries, supplemented by museum objects (weapons, auxiliary military equipment, folk costumes, ethnological materials, etc.), historical documents, photographs, auxiliary materials etc.
The basic activities of the museum are research, collection, documentation, conservation, presentation and publication of museum material from the mentioned areas.


The Museum of the Macedonian Struggle for Independence presents the historical processes in the 19th and 20th centuries of Macedonia, providing information and facts necessary for understanding the history and society in our country. The complex of the modern museum structure enables the sharing of experiences, skills, knowledge and ideas, the promotion of historical facts from the permanent collections and thematic exhibitions available to the public.

  • Progress in the area of museum education, accessibility and the opportunity for every visitor to visit the museum without interruption.
  • Promotion of cooperation with the European Commission and with other donors or GOs, NGOs, foundations, etc. by exchanging experiences, knowledge, ideas, opening opportunities for participation in joint projects and improving the capacities of museum workers, monitoring and direct application of European cultural policies.
  • Promotion of gender policies and gender equality.
  • Professional development of museum professionals through seminars, promotion of museum work and skill building among museum workers.


The museum will be a cultural leader in the country and beyond, internationally recognized and established, as well as an example of management, presentation and use of sustainable cultural heritage.

Main Objectives

  • Systematically researches, collects, organizes, professionally and scientifically processes and studies, preserves, stores, publishes and presents museum material;
  • Through permanent exhibitions, occasional and temporary exhibitions, lectures, seminars, film screenings and other forms of action, acquaints the public with museum topics related to Macedonian history and culture;
  • Provides terms for scientific and professional use and study of the museum material;
  • Publishes scientific and professional publications, catalogs, guides and other material;
  • Keeps a registration book and an inventory book, museum materials cards and other types of records and documentation;
  • Also performs other museum works, receives donations of museum materials related to the Macedonian struggle for statehood and independence;
  • Carries out educational activities, that is, develops special formats for different activities of the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle;
  • Informs the public about its work;
  • Organizes and sets up occasional exhibitions, in cooperation or for the needs of other legal and physical entities.
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