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Input number: 83 Dated: beginning of the 20th century Material: wood Craftsmanship Function: applied and decorative Dimensions: upper level: width: 45 cm; height: 44 cm; lower level: width: 33cm; height: 22cm


Волнен килим


Inventory number: E / 476 Dated: Beginning of the 20th century Material / technique: woven on a wide horizontal loom Dimensions: length 395 cm; width 342 cm A one-plait Pirot rug. The widely geometrised field of the rug is decorated with small ornaments and the most represented shape of a rhombus. The central part features

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Паласка, фишеклија, кутија од месинг

Palaska, bandolier, brass box

Palaska, bandolier, brass box Inventory number: I/25 Dated: 19th and 20th centuries Material / technique: brass, handmade, engraving and hammering technique Dimensions: 9 x 8 cm The palaska is a metal box, handmade of brass. It is rectangul, and in the middle there is a raised circular part in the shape of a core with

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Flail mace

Inventory number: I/3 Dated: around15th century Length: 80 cm Length of the chain with the stone: 30 cm Material: steel, brass and stone, Handmade The flail mace is a mediaeval bat that belongs to the group of cold steel melee weapons. It was made of steel, with a chain ending with a stone attached to

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Inventory number: I/48 Length: 40 cm; barrel length: 37.5 cm; ring length: 5 cm Material: steel and brass The arbija is an outer integral part of flint pistols and rifles. It is most often attached to the bottom of the main barrel of a weapon. As a tool, it is a straight steel pipe that

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Пиштол кременарка, сребрена которка

Flintlock gun, „Silver holster“

Inventory number: I/54 Dated: mid 18th century Length: 52cm Material: metal with silver luxury engraving Handmade A firelock that belong to a group of firearms. It has a smooth barrel that is facetted with brass fixings richly decorated with stylized floral motifs. Aspindle-form arbija is attached on the front. The mechanism has an external sole.

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Чаура од граната во форма на вазна

Grenade casing in the shape of a vase with the inscription, Monastir 1914-1915

Input number: 2545 The decoration was made in hammering or engraving technique, and in addition to the individual vegetative motifs, it also displayed female and male figures, mostly uniformed. Christian motifs or representations of Christian saints were also found in some objects. This indicates that the application of brass and bronze, as alloys of copper,

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Inventory number: I/41 Full length: 172 cm; blade width: 27 cm; blade length: 30 cm Material: steel, jute wood, hemp and leather Handmade Adouble-edged axe, with a peak, a spike attached to a repaired handle fastened with hemp The halberd is a long infantry cold weapon for combat. Its upper part displays a prong with

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