Palaska, bandolier, brass box

  • Паласка, фишеклија, кутија од месингPalaska, bandolier, brass box
  • Inventory number: I/25
  • Dated: 19th and 20th centuries
  • Material / technique: brass, handmade, engraving and hammering technique
  • Dimensions: 9 x 8 cm

The palaska is a metal box, handmade of brass. It is rectangul, and in the middle there is a raised circular part in the shape of a core with round decoration. Four thick lines emerge from it, resembling tree branches, and extend diagonally to the corners of the box. They are decorated with spiral decoration, and the sides of each line are adorned with floral elements in the form of leaves. Between the branches, there are ornaments resembling the silhouette of a man with outstretched legs and outstretched arms. The ends of the box are semi-rounded, decorated with a frame of straight lines. The palaska is covered with a thin metal lid with a metal mechanism for closing the box in the middle. At the bottom, there are additional parts where pendants used to hand, but they are missing. The decorative elements were made with the hammering technique.

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