Волнен килим

  • Inventory number: E / 476
  • Dated: Beginning of the 20th century
  • Material / technique: woven on a wide horizontal loom
  • Dimensions: length 395 cm; width 342 cm

A one-plait Pirot rug. The widely geometrised field of the rug is decorated with small ornaments and the most represented shape of a rhombus. The central part features rhomboid ornamentation woven symmetrically with plant elements that look like small flowers arranged on a branch. The inner part is filled with two rhomboid ornaments, a bigger and a smaller ones, which emphasize the centre of the carpet. Small rhombic ornaments decorated with floral ornamentation are seen on the four corners of the rug. The outside of the rhombuses towards the corners is decorated with small squares that line up in a row and look like a traditional dance. At the end of the руг, along the entire length and width, there is a frame – a hoop, and the inner part is enriched with floral ornaments. At both ends, along the width, the carpet is decorated with thick fringes.

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