The Macedonian front in Balkan and world historiography is also named as: Salonica front, the Orient front, the Balkan, Southern or Forgotten front. It all started in October 1915 with the concentration of the Entente forces in the city of Thessaloniki, and since December 1915 with the military formations of the Central Powers. The main line of the front stretched from Lake Ohrid to the Orfano Gulf in the Aegean Sea, while a smaller strategic part covered the line from Lake Ohrid to Vlorа in Albania with a total length of 600 km. Today, on the territory of Macedonia, on the line Dojran – Bitola – Ohrid, of about 220 km, there are still visible traces of the battles at the front. Many complex military operations and difficult battles were fought on it, such as those at Crna Reka, Gornichevo, Kajmakchalan and Dobro Pole. The Macedonian front was the first front that the Allies broke through on September 15, 1918 in the Battle of Dobro Pole, which hinted the capitulation of the Central Powers.

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