There is no glorification in war; it is an expression of destruction and contradiction in which the individual is facing continuous struggle for survival. However, the ferocity of the Great War was also caused by numerous innovations applied in armed techniques and the way of warfare. This war was dominated by the use of superior artillery, armored and mechanized units were introduced, tanks began to occupy the battlefields, and the first aircraft military formations were formed. For the first time in the history of mankind, more than a hundred types of chemical and biological weapons were used as a way of warfare, which in turn caused the appearance of the first anti-chemical protection. Trenches, which were primarily intended as temporary hiding places for soldiers, very quickly became living quarters. Today, these formations, as one of the most recognizable features, actively bear witness to the war that forever changed the appearance of the world.

1. „Lebel Berthier“ Rifle (A gift from Blagoja Mehandziski) 2. Bayonet, French 3. Bayonet, French for Lebel 4. Helmet, French 5. „Rast - Gasser“ Revolver 6. „Stayer“ Pistol 7. Helmet, German 8. German cavalry sword with scabbard and belt (A gift from Blagoja Mehandziski) 9. Artillery cleaver, Austrian 10. Bayonet for Mauser

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