• Inventory number: I / 70
  • Dated: 1920
  • Material: metal
  • Мachine made
  • Dimensions: length 9 cm; width 6 cm; depth 2 cm

The tobacco-box is a rectangular metal box used to store cigarettes or tobacco. It consists of two parts: the lower part is used for storage of tobacco/cigarettes, and the upper part is a lid thatis attached to the lower part along one side. The lid displays rich decoration on its left and right sides with plant elements of two thin twigs with elongated petals. The ends of the branched twigs end with floral motifs in the shape of tulips. Initials are embossed in the middle of the lid with stylised lines on the edges. The year 1920 is embossed in the centre. There is a small protrusion in the middle of the case, with the function to make opening of the case easier. Additionally on the lower side of the lid there are three rivets, one of which, in the left corner, is missing. The back on the outside is smooth with an embossed year 1920.


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