Kriva Palanka is promoted as the City of culture in 2024

The “City of Culture 2024” event, which will be held this year in Kriva Palanka, was promoted on March 6 at the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle for Independence.

Kriva Palanka is the City of culture in 2024, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, which recognized the city’s potential through a sustained, attractive and creative program with diverse content and the participation of prominent domestic and foreign artists.

On the promotional event the public was addressed by the Minister of Culture, Bisera Kostadinovska Stojchevska, and the Mayor of Kriva Palanka Municipality, Sashko Mitovski.

At the press conference, the rich program that will be implemented within the “City of Culture 2024” was presented, which includes more than 50 events from various fields such as concerts, classical, jazz and popular music, theater performances, art exhibitions and manifestations, literary evenings, folklore, traditional and contemporary artistic expressions.

The program will be implemented from March to December 2024.

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