Guest exhibition from the Genocide Victims’ Museum from Belgrade

The Museum of the Macedonian Struggle for Independence will host a guest exhibition from our partners from the Genocide Victims’ Museum from Belgrade, Republic of Serbia.

The exhibition “Holy New Martyrs from Jasenovac in the Light of the Resurrection” will be opened on November 16 , Thursday, at 1 pm, in the NI Museum of the Macedonian Struggle for Independence.

The exhibition consists of works by the nuns Maria (Antic), a member of the Sisterhood of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist Monastery (Jasenovac, Croatia), part of the Serbian Orthodox Eparchy of Pakrac-Slavonia, which were inspired by the real and tragic events that happened in Jasenovac during World War II.

The exhibited works of the author, who is a nun and not a trained visual artist, are based on iconography traditions and mixed with the naive, but also contain a subtle connection with the realistic sacred painting of the Christian Orthodox Church and the best traditions of the school of icon painting. What is important to recognize in these unique works are the universal images of a world that is still suffering today, the scenes that are repeated over and over again, the scenes in which we can recognize the crucifixion of Christ as a personal suffering as well as a symbol of the eternal suffering of the individual and of all humanity.

The works, although subtle in format, color, technique and approach to art, also reflect the future fear that persists and feeds on the sufferings of people’s recent past, the fear of the absolute destruction of humanity, the lack of awareness for the needs of others, which calls for a rethinking and reflection on what it means to be human.

The exhibition has so far been presented in several cities in Serbia and in the region, and it will be displayed in the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle for Independence from November 16 to December 15, 2023.

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