Editorial marathon on the topic “Women throughout history”

In honor of International Women’s Day, in cooperation with Wikimedia MKD, an editorial marathon on the topic “Women throughout history” was organized at the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle on March 7.

The members of the Wiki Club, students from the High school “Josip Broz Tito” from Skopje, under the mentorship of the history teacher, Irena Trajkovska Stejrovska, had a wonderful opportunity to learn about important moments in the lives of women in Macedonian history. With a thematic presentation through the museum exhibition led by educator Ana Vishinova, they were presented with the struggle of women in Macedonia in the past. Starting with the bravery of the rare female leaders of the Hayduk groups, Sirma and Rumena Vojvoda, all the way to the participation of Macedonian women in the revolutionary movement at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. Konstantina Nasteva Boyadzieva, Roza Plaveva, Nakiye Bajram are some of the names whose revolutionary activity is woven into the fight of women for complete emancipation. The students were introduced to the women participating in the national liberation and anti-fascist struggle from different religions and nationalities such as: Mirka Ginova, Elpida Karamandi, Ibe Palikukja, Estreja Haim Ovadia – Mara who selflessly gave their lives for freedom.

The editing marathon continued in the museum premises, where the students edited articles in the Macedonian language about biographies of famous women throughout history.

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