• Input number: 142
  • Dated: 20th century
  • Dimensions: circumference: 62 cm, height: 88 cm, handle length: 12 cm
  • Material: wood
  • Technique: handmade
  • Function: for whipping milk and obtaining fat (butter)

The churn has a conical shape. It is made of long planks arranged in a circle and clamped with metal hoops. In the upper part, one is longer and serves as a handle. An integral part of the churn is the “whip,” which is a long rod on the lower part of which a wooden plate with several holes is attached. Vertical movements are made with the whip and in that way the fatty ingredients are separated. In churns, milk was whipped to make buttermilk and fat (butter). They are found under different names, such as: butin, bitin, buitk, butina, buchka.The churn is a symbol of the shepherds, it was used in the customs for the feast of St. George, to protect the sheep and milk and ensure better fertility and milk production.

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