“15 Years” by Jim Marshall from the History Museum of BIH

An exhibition “15 Years” by Jim Marshall at the History museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina was officially opened at the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle for Independence on Saturday,  5th October 2019.

In presence of many guests, including National Coordinator for Culture Robert Alagjozovski, Deputy Director of the Agency for Community Rights Realization, Dzelal Hodzic, as well as representatives of the diplomatic missions and colleagues, the ceremony was opened by Daniеla Nikolova, acting director of the NI Museum of the Macedonian Struggle for Independence. On this occasion, she expressed satisfaction that the Museum is hosting the “15 Years” exhibition and expressed gratitude for the co-operation from the History Museum of Bosnia and Hercegovina, as well as for all colleagues who participated in the realization of the exhibition.

Elma Hashimbegovic, the director of the History Museum of Bosnia and Hercegovina, also addressed the audience, noting that the exhibition speaks of perhaps the most difficult period in Sarajevo’s history. “However, tonight we are celebrating culture, the exhibition is celebrating life, it is celebrating culture, because all these buildings that are in the photographs of Marshall are hiding behind them spiritual stories of resistance, for holding cultural events in Sarajevo during the siege.” said Hashimbegovic.

The exhibition was declared open by the deputy director of the Agency for the Communities’ Rights Realization in Republic of North Macedonia, Dzelal Hodzic, who said that the displayed photographs show the spirit and defiance of Sarajevo during the war in BiH.

Organized by M.Sc.Danijela Trajkova-Krstic, curator at the museum, the exhibition is supported by the annual program of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of North Macedonia and will be on display until the end of October. The event was part of the White Night, with a special concert from the pianist Dunja Ivanova and her program “Listening in black and white” featuring compositions by Michael Nyman, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Jan Thiersen and others.

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