Memories from the First World War

The exhibition “Memories of the First World War” was officially opened in the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle on December 24 2018. With this project, the museum joined the world’s initiatives for marking 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War.

The thematic presentation of the war events during the Great War include various documentary material – photographs, personal testimonies, and a rich fund of museum artifacts. The author of the exhibition is Danijela Trajkova-Krstikj, curator in the museum.

At the opening, the public was addressed by the director Daniela Nikolova, who emphasized that with this exhibition two aspects of the war are presented through authentic perspective:


– One is the military developments on the Macedonian Front, and the second, perhaps more significant aspect – to present the struggle of the common man in war conditions. The exhibition is based on affirmed and well-known historical facts, as well as scientific researches that portray the four-year conflict. The exhibition allows every visitor to understand the dynamic processes on the eve, the course and the end of the Great War, said Nikolova.

The French ambassador to Macedonia, Christian Thimonier, welcomed the exhibition, stressing that in 1918 on the Macedonian Front, the occupation of Skopje ended the tragedy that began in 1912, when the region’s states took part in events that brought them many sufferings, and they themselves played a role that according to historians is not fully clarified yet. This part of the history remains to be explored and rediscovered, on the basis of true facts, but also of tolerance and reconciliation.

The exhibition “Memories of the First World War” was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia, which recognized the importance and significance of these reminders for key moments in history. The exhibition was declared open by the Minister of Culture, Mr. Asaf Ademi who pointed out that:

-The current symbolic reminder of the November 1918 armistice is an important historical lesson for all of us. At the end of the First World War, begun a new era of relations between the countries in the world, bringing hope for reconstruction, reconciliation and prosperity. These universal values, are the foundation of our societies, today, and a ground for building better and brighter future for all.

The opening of the exhibition was attended by a large number guests and collaborators, diplomats, including HE. Rachel Galloway, UK Ambassador to Macedonia and Emmanuel Rimber, director of the French Institute in Skopje.
Several associates from the NI Institute and Museum Bitola, NI Museum of Macedonia and Military Museum in Skopje, were included in the project realization Dr. Meri Stojanova, PhD Aleksandar Litovski, MSc. Boro Buntevski, Ilija Tsurev.

The project team includes the employees of the National Museum of Macedonian Struggle – MSc. Maja Minoska-Pavlovska, Darko Trpevski, Vlado Kuzmanovski, Stefan Trpevski, Pance Stefanovski, Marika Pesevska, Lile Angelevska, Ana Vishinova and Daniela Mitevska.


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