Project “FOCUS” (Fostering Of Capacities for Unique Senses experience for visitors)

NI Museum of the Macedonian Struggle for Independence realizes the project “FOCUS” (FOCUS-Fostering Of Capacities for Unique Senses experience for visitors).

The project, supported by the Balkan Museum Network through the Small Grants Program and Hadley Trust from the UK, promotes ten tactile images that bring objects from permanent museum exhibits closer to the visually impaired.

Panels with dimensions of 100 cm x 70 cm present a tactile image and a description of the subject in Braille, a photograph and a short text. Sign language videos and audio stories have been made for each subject so that visitors will have the opportunity to hear and learn more about the presented objects, regardless of disability.

Audio and video materials are available on our website, social media and YouTube, as well as the gallery space where connectivity is enabled by scanning a QR code.

Realization: Irena Ruzhin, Ph.D., project manager, Jove Pargovski, M.Sc. – tactile images, Katerina Sharkoska – sign language interpretation, Andriana Shoklarovska – Braille text, Silvana Petrova Nasuh, Ph.D. – narrator, Mihail Markovski – audio and video editing, Gimel Studio, Aleksandar Kotevski Dreamcast Studio, Studio Kochov.

Description of subjects and expert consultations: Daniela Nikolova, curator-advisor; Kole Kiselinovski, documentarian; Vladimir Janevski, ethnologist; Fima Trajkovska, curator-adviser, adaptation of texts Ana Vishinova, educator.



Stained glass window

Wool rug



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