Rich personal fund from Ante Popovski donated to the museum

The enrichment of the museum collections is an essential principle and method of museum activity and one of the priorities of the NI Museum of the Macedonian Struggle for Independence.

In 2021, the year that marks the 90th anniversary of the birth of Ante Popovski (1931-2003), a Macedonian writer, poet, essayist, publicist and social scientist, an extensive personal fund of exceptional importance for Macedonian and world cultural history becomes part of the museum fund through research and gift.

Богат личен фонд на Анте Поповски дониран во Музејот

The Popovski family stated that they are pleased to donate some of the personal items of the Macedonian writer and poet Ante Popovski to our museum, where they will be properly kept and presented.

This personal fund in the form of material testimony has the power to tell more or less known facts about the life path of a great contemporary. From the initial insight into the personal fund and on the way to its transformation into a museum fund, the material is preliminarily classified into several categories:

  • personal documents and items: diplomas, awards, recognition, orders, other identification documents; documents for professional activity:
  • personal manuscripts, correspondence, abstracts, drafts, concepts;
  • photographic material;
  • artwork: Portrait of Ante Popovski by Kole Manev.

What follows is the phase of identification, analysis, synthesis, interview, contextualization, creation of museum documentation, photography, recording and video material of the museum fund, inventory, presentation of the museum fund. These steps will authentically document the literary cultural heritage of Ante Popovski, which portrays the rich history, tradition, culture of the Macedonian people and language.

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